The Southern part of Ethiopia's Omo valley is one of the few places on the planet that we all share where bartering market system still exists despite the continuous aggression of outsiders.

 I Mamaru Endris born and raised in Key Afer following the footsteps of tourists coming to my tiny village from all over the world and fell in love with the neighboring unique tribal communities and put a dream to introduce these beautiful tribal communities, made it to a proper school with the thoughtful and generous nature of the loveliest people I have ever known through nurturing me to these stages with their non stop support of sponsorship and my service is beyond the benefits one thinks i get as a local tour service provider. These tribes are totally being dependent on the provision of nature and respecting nature as well,
as I  mentioned it above... these unique tribes are possibly one of the few societies in the Globe who still practice bartering activities in their market. You can learn and get something quite different and important in a completely unique dimension of life through witnessing their daily and uninterrupted normal way of life and who knows you could take quite a number of life lessons from this unique dimension of experience.

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